Belgian studio GriN, the fairy tale is over.

(I'm from Belgium, that's why this news affects me so much)

I can still remember the day when I saw Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries in an Xbox press conference, I was shocked and immediately thought “That’s a Belgian made game! Awesome!!” I wasn’t the only one that noticed Woolfe, the worldwide gaming press was amazed by the good looking graphics and the character.  This week the studio is back in the spotlight, sadly in a negative way.  A dream broken,  a game project that means so much for founder Wim Wouters and his co-workers. It’s game over for the studio GriN, they requested bankruptcy.

With a succesful Kickstart and 60.000 Euro from Flanders Audiovisuel Fund the future looked bright for GriN. they had the needed funds and got worldwide attention from the gaming press.  Sadly it didn’t end positive for them. The game Woolfe had a few issues and the reviews struck hard, so hard that the sales can be called disastrous. Personally speaking the game didn’t deserve so many low ratings but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Woolfe wasn’t the only project from GriN. They had multiple awards from VR-projects, working with a Belgian TV channel (Njam), had deep Oculus Rift knowledge and made a few education games. One (big) failure was all it needed to end the fairy tale. It’s a big disaster for the employee’s from GriN but also a little for my home country Belgium. We had reason to be proud, now that possibility is gone. RIP GriN

380 thoughts on “Belgian studio GriN, the fairy tale is over.”

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