2016, the year for comic book movies. Will gamers benefit from it?

Why is 2016 the year for comic book movies? Only writing Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse is enough but Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Gambit and Doctor Strange are also around the corner. As a big Marvel and DC fan I really can’t wait but I’m eager to know about upcoming movie videogame tie-ins. And no,  I don’t want cheap licensed games, I want a  triple-A Captain America or Avengers game.

We know about plans for 2017 between Marvel and Telltale (exciting!) but what about a Xbox One game from Suicide Squad or a new Deadpool? I think Warner and DC are showing with Batman that gamers want to play as comic book heroes.

What about you? Use the Poll-system and show what Xbox One game you would prefer![poll id=”7″]

101 thoughts on “2016, the year for comic book movies. Will gamers benefit from it?”

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What do YOU think about the game?